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How does it work?


At your designated lesson time, we get together for a Live Video Lesson using Zoom, no matter where you live.

The two of us have a human-to-human interactive music lesson for half an hour,
afterwards I email you all supplementary commentary, notes,
sheet music, tablature or midi audio required.

That's it!

You get a Personalized Private Piano Lesson
with a Real Live Professional Piano Teacher.

From the comfort of your home.

How soon can I get started?

Just click on the link below (or any credit card logos)
and that will take you to the "Online Tuition Payment" page.

Read the instructions and pay your tuition.
We can then schedule your weekly lessons immediately!!!
(upon my receipt of your tuition payment verification)

Do not forget
to click Amazon's "Send Info" button to notify me that it is YOU who has paid.
If you overlook clicking the "Send Info" button before exiting the Amazon site, I will be unable to credit your account, so remember to click "Send Info".

How much does it cost?

Your lessons are only $140.00 a month for a weekly half-hour lesson.
This fee includes not only the basic tuition, but also all typing, preparation, conversion and transmission of supplementary materials as needed.

Listen to Jeff Brent play Keyboards:

· Jeff Brent Plays Art Tatum (mp3)
· Jeff Brent Plays Bud Powell (mp3)
· Jeff Brent Plays Fats Waller (mp3)
· Jeff Brent Plays Keyboard over "Weekend In L.A." (mp3)
· Jeff Brent Plays Organ (mp3)
· Jeff Brent Plays Boogie Woogie (midi)


"[Jeff Brent is] an accomplished musician and theorist."
- Robert Rawlins
  Author of "Jazzology: The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory for All Musicians"
(Hal Leonard Publications ISBN 0-634-08678-2)

"[Jeff's] lessons are much more useful than Mark Levine's [Jazz Piano] book."
- Sid Thomas
  World Reknowned British Jazz Pianist

"When you've realized that all your day-to-day preconceived notions of how things are, and all the skills, knowledge, and talents you base your daily life on actually mean nothing at all in the big picture, then you will be ready to learn from a teacher like Jeff [Brent]."
- Scot Ranney
  Founder of

Need even more information?

Just send me a short email if you need any other clarifications about taking
my long distance piano lessons.

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